How much does it cost to camp at Panther Creek State Park?

How much does it cost to camp at Panther Creek State Park?

The $5 reservation fee per site is non-refundable. Monday-Sunday: 2-night minimum stay. Weeknights $225, Weekends $275.

What city is Panther Creek State Park in?

Morristown, Tennessee
Panther Creek State Park is a state park in Morristown, Tennessee, United States. It is located prominently on the shore of Cherokee Lake, an impoundment of the Holston River….

Panther Creek State Park
Type State park
Location Morristown, Tennessee, United States
Coordinates 36.213°N 83.407°WCoordinates:36.213°N 83.407°W

Are dogs allowed in Panther Creek State Park?

This park, of over 1,400 acres located on the shores of the Cherokee Reservoir, provides 13 scenic hiking and biking trails (of which 5 are hiking only), and a variety of land and water recreation. Dogs of all sizes are allowed at no additional fee.

Where is Fall Creek Falls TN?

Fall Creek Falls is a 16,181-acre natural area located within Fall Creek Falls State Park in Bledsoe and Van Buren counties. Its waterfalls, cascades, sparkling streams, gorges, forests, and cave features make it one of the most visited natural areas and state parks in the southeast.

What county is Panther State Park in WV?

McDowell County
McDowell County is known for its fantastic ATV trails.

How many acres is Panther Creek State Park?

About the Park Panther Creek State Park is a 1,444-acre park located on the Cherokee Reservoir in the historic Holston River Valley, six miles west of Morristown.

Are there black panthers in WV?

The West Virginia DNR doesn’t officially recognize the black panther or any other large cat as still being part of the West Virginia wildlife. Many years ago, mountain lions did roam the hills in sufficient numbers to make them a major player in the state’s ecosystem.

What is the zip code for Panther WV?

24872Panther / Zip code