How many people have the last name chairez?

How many people have the last name chairez?

The surname Chairez is the 27,318th most numerous last name throughout the world, held by approximately 1 in 370,434 people. Chairez is predominantly found in The Americas, where 100 percent of Chairez reside; 100 percent reside in North America and 78 percent reside in Hispano-North America.

What does chaires mean?

It’s Ancient Greek χαίρε, the imperative form of χαίρω, a verb that means like… rejoice, be glad, but is used frequently as both a greeting and way of saying goodbye.

Is Fenner an Irish name?

English: topographic name for someone who lived in a low-lying marshy area (see Fenn). South German: occupational name for an ensign or standard bearer, from Middle High German vener, an agent derivative of Middle High German vane ‘flag’.

What does the name lowis mean?

The Lewis surname is generally derived from the Germanic given name Lewis (Lowis, Lodovicus), meaning “renowned, famous battle,” from the Germanic elements hlod ‘fame’ + wig ‘war. ‘ In Wales, the Lewis surname may have derived from an Anglicized form of the personal name Llywelyn.

What kind of name is chairez?

Noble surnames, such as Chairez, evoke images of the ancient homeland of the French people. The original bearer of the name Chairez, which is a local surname, once lived, held land, or was born in the beautiful region of Lorraine.

What does charie mean in Greek?

Meaning:grace. Charie as a girl’s name is of Greek/Latin origin meaning “grace”.

How do you pronounce Chaire?


  1. IPA: /ʃɛʁ/
  2. Audio. 0:01. (file)
  3. Homophones: chair, chaires, chairs, cher, chers, chère, chères, cherres.

How common is the last name Fenner?

Fenner Ranking In the United States, the name Fenner is the 3,957th most popular surname with an estimated 7,461 people with that name.

Where does the name Fenner originate from?

Dutch and North German: topographic name for someone living by a pit, moor, or fen, from Venn + the suffix -er denoting an inhabitant, or a habitational name for someone from places called Venn or Venne.

Is Lewis a German name?

Lewis (/ˈluːɪs/) is a masculine English-language given name. It was coined as an anglicisation of given names in other languages. “Lewis” has been used to anglicise the Irish name “Lugaid”, the German name “Ludwig”, and the French name “Louis” (the last two originally deriving from the Old Frankish name Chlodowig).

Is Lewis a Viking name?

The name Lewis is a Scandinavian word derived from old Frankish Hludwig and old Germanic Chlodowech meaning “famous warrior.” In Latin it was transformed into Ludovicus, and in Gaelic to Clovis. Medieval Italians turned it into Aloisius, while the French adopted Louis.

What is goodbye in ancient Greek?

Greek: Αντίο! Romanization: Adío! Translation: “Goodbye!”