How many people are in a square mile in Texas?

How many people are in a square mile in Texas?

In 2018, the population density of Texas stood at 109.9 residents per square mile of land area.

What state has the lowest population per square mile?

As a whole, there were about 94 residents per square mile in the U.S., and Alaska was the state with the lowest population density, with 1.28 residents per square mile.

What city has the highest population density in Texas?

10 Largest Cities in Texas

Rank Name Density (miĀ²)
1 Houston 3,632
2 San Antonio 3,296
3 Dallas 3,970
4 Austin 3,214

Which states are the most densely populated?

Most Densely Populated US States

Rank State Area in square miles
1 Washington DC 68
2 New Jersey 7,354
3 Rhode Island 1,034
4 Massachusetts 7,800

How many people per square mile are in Dallas?

3,818 people per square mile
About 1.3 million people live in Dallas and the city encompasses 340 square miles of land, according to a study from SpareFoot. That gives Dallas a population density of 3,818 people per square mile.

How many adults are in Texas?

TX Demographic Statistics

Number Percent
18 years and over 14,965,061 71.8
Male 7,338,177 35.2
Female 7,626,884 36.6
21 years and over 13,981,939 67.1

What city has the most population per square mile?

The city that has the highest population density in the world is Manila in the Philippines, which was found to have a population per square mile of 119,600. Cities in the Philippines dominated the list with six in the top 25, three of which landed in the top spots.