How many members of Jethro Tull are still alive?

How many members of Jethro Tull are still alive?


Name Years active Release contributions
Ian Anderson 1967–2011 2017–present all Jethro Tull releases
David Goodier 2007–2011 2017–present The Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull (2007) Live at AVO Session Basel (2009) The Zealot Gene (2022)
John O’Hara
Scott Hammond 2017–present The Zealot Gene (2022)

Who was the guitar player in Jethro Tull?

Ian Anderson1967 – 2011
Martin Barre1968 – 2011Mick Abrahams1967 – 1968
Jethro Tull/Guitarists

Is Martin Barre still in Jethro Tull?

Martin Lancelot Barre (born 17 November 1946, Kings Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands, England) is an English rock musician. Barre has been the guitarist for rock band Jethro Tull since 1969. He has appeared on every Jethro Tull album except their debut This Was (1968).

Who played Jethro Tull’s violin?

Eddie Jobson

Eddie Jobson
Instruments Violin, keyboards, vocals
Labels Capitol, EMI, Private, Globe Music
Associated acts U.K., Jethro Tull, Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, UKZ, Yes

Did Martin Barre write any Jethro Tull songs?

Barre declared that much of the material from Jethro Tull catalogue was written by himself and Ian Anderson, with Anderson getting the credit for writing the lyrics and having the initial idea for the music: “then I, or someone else in the band, contribute parts to it.” Two albums on which Barre is credited with having …

Is Ian Anderson married?

Shona Learoydm. 1976
Jennie Franksm. 1970–1974
Ian Anderson/Spouse

Who played guitar on Locomotive Breath?

Watch Joe Bonamassa join Jethro Tull on stage in London for a 2011 performance of Tull’s “Locomotive Breath.” It’s fun to see Bonamassa stand side by side with Tull guitarist Martin Barre, the axman behind “Cross-Eyed Mary,” “Locomotive Breath” and so many more.

Did Ian Anderson and Martin Barre fall out?

Former Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre described Ian Anderson’s decision to split the band in 2012 as his “worst mistake” and added that even a one-off reunion would be “difficult” for him.

Why did Ian Anderson leave Jethro Tull?

Ian Anderson ended up recording five songs alone on Jethro Tull’s upcoming album The Zealot Gene after giving up hope on playing with his bandmates. He blamed touring schedules along with pandemic restrictions, but says the results ultimately reminded him of the band’s 1971 classic Aqualung.

Who played Jethro Tull’s piano?

John Evan
He is best known for having played keyboards for Jethro Tull from April 1970 to June 1980. He was educated at King’s College London….

John Evan
Years active 1960s–present
Labels Chrysalis Records, A New Day Records
Associated acts Jethro Tull

How old is Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson?

74 years (August 10, 1947)Ian Anderson / Age