How long does an automatic pool cover last?

How long does an automatic pool cover last?

Most automatic safety pool covers on average last 4 to 6 years if you maintain them properly. We recommend that you buy a pool cover that comes with a pro-rated warranty. That way, you can always ask for a replacement if you notice issues within a few weeks of purchase.

Is it worth getting an automatic pool cover?

Automatic pool covers offer outstanding cost savings benefits. When closed over the swimming pool an automatic pool cover will save you on chemicals, water loss from evaporation, and energy costs by not having to constantly reheat the pool.

Can you walk on automatic pool covers?

Automatic pool covers work good for keeping children and even adults out of the pool if you do not wish to have them in the pool. You can even walk on the cover; it feels like walking on a water bed.

How much does it cost to replace the fabric on automatic pool cover?

2500 to 3 thousand dollars
The average cost to replace an automatic cover fabric is 2500 to 3 thousand dollars. Of the many options available today for in ground pools, automatic covers are one of the higher priced. Again, depending the size of the pool, expect to spend an additional 12 to 15 thousand dollars for this high end option.

Can you use automatic pool cover in winter?

Even in the winter, the cover pump must be used. NEVER attempt to break or remove ice or snow from the cover as this can and likely will damage the cover and the track. Also NEVER operate an automatic swimming pool cover with water, snow, or ice on the cover.

Are retractable pool covers safe?

Automatic pool covers are safe, reliable, and easy to use. You can open or close your automatic safety cover with the push of a button. Automatic pool covers offer incredible peace of mind for homeowners who want to prevent accidents or keep loved ones and pets out of harm’s way.

How do automatic pool covers work?

It consists of a series of some interlocking gears. When you switch on the system, the gears become activated and they will automatically start spinning the heavy aluminum tube. Hence, the pool cover will also start rolling on or off the pool to cover or uncover it.

How do you get the leaves off an automatic pool cover?

Scrub Gently with a Soft Brush Use a soft bristled broom or pool brush to scoop any leftover leaves out or scrub any leftover dirt. Then use a Leaf Rake to scoop out debris, while the cover pump removes the pool of collected water. After removing all of the debris and all of the water, roll the cover up all the way.

Why are pool covers blue?

The blue material is translucent, which allows UV rays to pass through the cover and into the pool and does well enough to block heat from escaping the pool.