How long do Tempest Keep school photos for?

How long do Tempest Keep school photos for?

How long does Tempest keep my images? From 2012, we have archived all our images indefinitely however we also have some images available from 2007. If you are interested in a photograph taken between 2007-2011 please contact us as we may be able to help.

How do I contact the tempest photographer?

To navigate, press the arrow keys. Please note, our office hours are 08:15-16:15. During these hours you can reach us on 01736 751555.

How long do tempest photos take to come?

When will I receive my Photographs? All orders are despatched within 28 days from receipt of your order.

How do I get tempest graduation pictures?

To place an order please select the “I haven’t had my ceremony yet” option on our homepage and log into the website using your university name and graduation date. When you have selected the products you would like to order you will be prompted to enter your image reference number(s).

What size is desk photo?

4×6 / 5×7. The standard photo size for displaying photos on your desk, table or counter space.

How do I download Tempest photos?

If your photo preview was available to view online when you ordered, please visit and enter your 10 digit reference. You’ll then be able to download your image.

What size is desk print?

How long does it take to get graduation photos?

How long does it take for GradImages to post ceremony proofs? The short answer is that some events can be posted in just a few hours, while others may take up to a couple of days.

What is the size of graduation photo?

Two 10”x8” individual photos and two 10”x8” family photos. All prints of graduate from the same image.

Who owns Tempest photography?

photographer Horace Tempest
H Tempest is today controlled by the family of founding portrait photographer Horace Tempest, who set up the company in the 1920s.