How is Jekyll presented mysterious?

How is Jekyll presented mysterious?

Stevenson shapes mystery in the text through Hyde’s violent and unexpected behaviour, Lanyon’s strange death and the duality shown in the confusing relationship between Jekyll, a man of reputation, and Hyde, a murderer, as well as the strange door in contrast to the pleasant street.

How are Jekyll and Hyde similar?

Jekyll and Hyde are both the same person. It is basically like a split-personality disorder. Also, both characters feel no guilt or remorse for their sins, because it might tarnish their social image.

What do Jekyll and Hyde have in common?

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are the same person broken into two men: Dr. Jekyll represents the socialized, restrained, morally informed ego and superego, while Mr. Form follows function in this novel, and the appearance of the two men reflects the moral character of each figure.

How does Enfield describe Hyde?

Enfield tells him that “it was a man of the name of Hyde.” Asked to describe Hyde, Enfield finds it difficult because the man had “something wrong with his appearance, something displeasing, something downright detestable.”

When trying to describe Hyde Enfield says Hyde gives a strong feeling of?

He must be deformed somewhere; he gives a strong feeling of deformity, although I couldn’t specify the point. He’s an extraordinary-looking man, and yet I really can name nothing out of the way.

Who are the main characters in Jekyll and Hyde?

Character List

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll.
  • Mr. Edward Hyde.
  • Mr. Gabriel John Utterson. A prominent and upstanding lawyer, well respected in the London community.
  • Dr. Hastie Lanyon.
  • Mr. Poole.
  • Mr. Enfield.
  • Mr. Guest.
  • Sir Danvers Carew. A well-liked old nobleman, a member of Parliament, and a client of Utterson.

What words are used to describe Mr Hyde?

Terms in this set (15)

  • brutal. savagely violent.
  • coarse. not elegantly formed or proportioned.
  • gruff. abrupt in manner.
  • discourteous. lack of consideration.
  • crude. showing little subtlety.
  • repugnant. extremely disagreeable.
  • pugnacious. quick to argue.
  • degenerate. lacking moral qualities.

What kind of person is Dr Jekyll?

Dr Jekyll is a well-respected and intelligent scientist. He is a wealthy man and lives in a house with his butler, Poole.

How is reputation important to Mr Enfield?

Enfield himself is well-known and respected about town. He is the ideal Victorian gentleman with a strong moral compass and impeccable manners in all situations. He detests gossip and sees it as a black mark upon a man’s reputation which is of the utmost importance. He professes to hate gossip, but does so with Mr.

How is secrecy portrayed in Jekyll and Hyde?

Smog: Refers to Victorian England. this emphasises the theme of secrecy. Chapter 4 – The Carew case murder: ” fog rolled over the city in the small hours” The city is shrouded by the fog, covering and hiding its secrets.

Who has a disturbing secret in Jekyll and Hyde?

Secrets are signalled to the reader from the very start of the novel. In the first chapter – ‘The Story of the Door’ – Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield retell a very disturbing and harrowing story of a man who looked so ugly it he even made the doctor turn ‘sick with the desire to kill him’.

How is Hyde described?

Hyde is often described as small and grotesque with a deformed figure and an evil disposition.