How do you rehab an AC joint?

How do you rehab an AC joint?

Rest includes avoiding overhead reaching, reaching across the chest, lifting, leaning on the elbows, and sleeping directly on the shoulder. Range-of-motion exercises are recommended as soon as they can be tolerated. Range-of-motion exercises — Range-of-motion exercises are recommended early in the recovery period.

Can you strengthen your AC joint?

Resistance band exercises for AC joint sprain An excellent piece of equipment to use to strengthen the shoulder is a resistance band. When using resistance bands start using a long length, if it is too easy you can shorten the band or double it up to provide more resistance.

What exercises hurt the AC joint?

  1. AC Joint Injuries: Weight-Lifting Exercises to Avoid. Adapted from Ollie Odebunmi, Demand Media.
  2. The Bench Press. Avoid full range of motion barbell or dumbbell bench presses.
  3. Fly’s.
  4. Behind-the-Neck Barbell Press.
  5. Behind-the-Head Lat Pull-downs.
  6. Lateral Raises.
  7. Upright Rows.
  8. Other Exercises.

Can you lift weights with AC joint pain?

You’ll have to dramatically reduce the load through the joint to allow the ligaments and joint to settle down. This usually means no lifting above shoulder height for anything between 4 to 6 weeks.

How long does AC joint take to heal?

Most patients with AC joint injuries will start to feel better within a few days or a week of the injury—but it can take at least six weeks for the AC ligaments to fully heal. During that time, it’s crucial to take the pressure off of the AC joint to protect from overstretching the immature scar tissue.

Can you do push ups with AC joint injury?

We advise avoiding heavy pressing and overhead activities such as chest press and shoulder press. However, you don’t have to stop weights completely. You should be able to substitute other exercises such as decline barbell fly or push-ups, which are usually less painful for distal clavicular osteolysis.

Can AC ligaments heal?