How do you market library services?

How do you market library services?

Promotional tools that can be used by academic libraries to promote their services and resources include: digital media, such as the library’s Website, e-mail lists, blogs and podcasts; print materials, such as posters, handouts and giveaways; events such as orientation tours and workshops; and other tools such as …

Why is marketing important in the library service?

Library marketing is vital to keeping our users and potential users informed and educated about the resources and services that match their needs and interests. Effective marketing skills are needed to increase awareness of the library’s value and to expand its user base.

What is library marketing?

In the fields of library and information science, the term marketing means, “to create the demand and interest among readers to use the library resources and services”.

What is marketing of library and information services?

Ravichandran and Babu (2008) defines marketing in library and information services as the process of planning, pricing, promotion and distributing library products to create exchanges that satisfy the library and the customer.

What are the library services?

The Library services / facilities include Circulation Service, Reference Service, Online reservation of books, Recommendation of library material, Current Awareness Service, Inter Library Loan Service, Photocopying / Printing Service, Orientation and Information Sessions, Selective Dissemination of Information, Audio …

What is the concept of marketing?

The Marketing Concept is preoccupied with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the product as a solution to the customer’s problem (needs). The Marketing Concept represents the major change in today’s company orientation that provides the foundation to achieve competitive advantage.

What is marketing mix in library?

All marketing decision-making can be classified into four strategy elements, referred to as the marketing mix or the four P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. As each library product or potential product is analyzed and developed for its target customer, it must be viewed with the four P’s in mind.

How do digital libraries promote?

Cultivate an engaged library community through digital marketing and outreach. Implement an outreach and marketing strategy for specific resource or collection. Collaborate with faculty to integrate existing licensed resources into the curricula such as for example textbooks.