Advice How do you get to the electric Gym in Pokemon Y?

How do you get to the electric Gym in Pokemon Y?

How do you get to the electric Gym in Pokemon Y?

Lumiose City Gym is the fifth gym in the Kalos Pokemon League. The Gym Leader is Clemont, and the entire Gym uses Electric-type Pokemon. The theme of this Gym is set like a Game Show….Schoolboy Finnian – P1,088.

Dedenne ♂
Level 34 Moves
Type Electric/Fairy Volt Switch Rest Snore Charge Beam
Ability Pickup
Held Item

Where is the 5th gym in Pokemon X?

Lumiose City
You have just fixed the Kalos Power Plant and journeyed through Route 13 to make it to Lumiose City. After an event involving the tower in the center of town, you are set to take on the Pokemon X Y fifth gym leader Clemont.

How do you get to Clemont in Pokemon Y?

Clemont is the Leader of the Lumiose City Gym. He specializes in Electric-type Pokemon. To reach him, you must take part in a Who’s That Pokemon Quiz. Upon defeat, he will reward you with the Voltage Badge and TM24 Thunderbolt.

How old is Clemont from Pokemon?

Clemont (anime)

Citron Okarukaya (雄刈萱シトロン Okarukaya Citron)
Age: 15-16
Hometown: Lumiose City
Family: Eureka (sister) Limone (father)
Class: Gym Leader

Is Prism Tower legal?

Tournament legality Its status as a legal stage is largely owed to the poor availability of competitively suitable stages in the 3DS version, and due to its unpopularity in competitive settings compared to the Wii U version, Prism Tower is hardly ever seen in competitive play.

What level is Clemont Pokemon?

Clemont has a level 35 Emolga (vulnerable to Rock and Ice moves), a level 35 Magneton (it has a Steel move, so don’t send Rock-type pokémon against it), and a level 37 Heliolisk.