How do you get the chain reaction achievement?

How do you get the chain reaction achievement?

How to unlock the Chain reaction achievement. To get this achievement you will need to play with the Slasher class as it starts with a Stun Gun. It is recommended to do this offline to prevent other players from killing the zombies you want to target (Or try to do this with a session only with friends if possible).

How do you get chain reaction in GTA 4?

The easiest way to get this achievement/trophy is by blocking a busy road, such as Frankfort Avenue near Middle Park or gathering vehicles inside Westdyke Autos, then blowing up all of the cars which pile up using ideally a Rocket Launcher.

What are Halo Infinite secret achievements?

All Secret Achievements in Halo Infinite

Achievement Description
Ascension Defeat the Banished Warlord Tremonius
Brothers Grim Take down the Spartan killers Hyperius and Tovarus
Fallen Follow the UNSC signal to a Banished stronghold called the Tower. Find the source. Get out alive.
First Contact Lost, and found.

How do you get the Watts say you achievement?

To earn the “Watt Say You?” achievement in Halo Infinite, you must kill an opponent with the secondary damage of a Shock Rifle shot. The Shock Rifle shoots a precise beam and chains lesser damage to targets within a few feet if the beam hits.

Is there bicycles in GTA 4?

Bicycles can be purchased from Pedal and Metal Cycles, an in-game cycle website. They are then stored in player-owned garages.

Where can I find NRG 900 GTA IV?

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • A motorcycle dealership stocking both the F and RR variants is located in Westdyke, Alderney.
  • Two NRG 900s can be found at Francis International Airport.
  • The NRG 900 is common in all of Liberty City.
  • Can appear more often driving a Coquette.
  • The NRG 900 can also be spawned by dialing (625)-555-0100.

Is there an achievement for 100% Halo Infinite?

To fully complete Halo Infinite’s campaign you must: Complete all main missions. Find all skulls. Note – 5 of 12 skulls are missable, as they can only be obtained during main missions that can’t be replayed.

How do you get Forza Veloce in Halo Infinite?

Complete all 14 main missions in under eight hours. This achievement is not that hard to do, you just have to do all 14 missions in under 8 hours. This achievement is very easy solo.

How do you get the chain reaction achievement in Halo Infinite?

There are 3 known methods of getting this achievement to pop:

  1. Fire the rifle at an enemy, then any other nearby enemies (within around 1-2 meters) will be shocked for a lesser amount of damage.
  2. Throw a gun on the ground and shoot it to cause chain damage to nearby enemies.