How do you create a applet in HTML?

How do you create a applet in HTML?

To run an applet in a browser or in the JDK Applet Viewer, the applet needs to be added to an HTML page, using the tag. You then specify the URL of the HTML page to your browser or the Applet Viewer.

What is applet in HTML with example?

Description. The HTML tag specifies an applet. It is used for embedding a Java applet within an HTML document. It is not supported in HTML5.

How will you add an applet to a HTML file give an example?

HTML tag was used to embed the Java applet in an HTML document. This element has been deprecated in HTML 4.0 and instead of it we can use and newly added element ….Specific Attributes.

Attribute name Value Description
code URL It specifies the URL of Java applet class file.

Does Java work with HTML?

An applet is a Java program that can be included a web page by using HTML tags. The applet tag is the simpler but older method, and has been superseded by the object tag. Add a Java applet by specifying the attributes of the applet tag. archive=”url” – Address or filename of the Java archive file (.

What are the HTML applet tag?

The tag takes a number of attributes, with one of the most important being the code attribute. This code attribute is used to link a Java applet to the concerned HTML document. It specifies the file name of the Java applet.

How do I run an applet?

To run an applet in a web browser, we must create an HTML text file with a tag that loads the applet….Using an Applet Viewer to run the applet:

  1. Write HTML APPLET tag in comments in the source file.
  2. Compile the applet source code using javac.
  3. Use applet viewer ClassName. class to view the applet.

Can I combine HTML and Java?

Yes, it is possible to embed a java code and HTML together. In fact the JSP component of Java is built only for this purpose. JSP is more powerful technology in the sense that it helps you to create dynamic web pages and pull data from backend.