How do you cook in Space Station 13?

How do you cook in Space Station 13?

Example Cooking Guide

  1. Grab two pieces of meat.
  2. Put one of the pieces of meat into the food processor .
  3. Click the food processor to turn it on.
  4. Place the other piece of meat on any table .
  5. Vend a kitchen knife from the dinnerware vendor , and use it on the piece of meat .
  6. Place the raw meatballs and the raw cutlets.

How do you make dough in ss13?


  1. Mix egg and flour together.
  2. Place filling of choice into wrapper and wrap.
  3. Place wrapped wonton into deep fryer, fry until fully cooked.

How do I use Meatspike ss13?

Monkey meat and you Very quickly, click on it with Grab intent, and click on the meat spike to impale it onto there.

How do you use the gibber in ss13?

After a progress bar, that person will be inserted into the gibber. Click the gibber again with an empty hand to turn it on. Without upgrades you can only gib unclothed bodies. They can still be alive though.

How do you butcher an animal in space station 13?

You can cut cheese very easy with the knife, slice foods like pizza and cakes, and prepare other foods (test what you can cut with it). Some animals can be butchered with the knife as well. The rolling pin, meanwhile, is used to flatten certain ingredients, such as dough. Other than that, they are also weapons!

How do I stop pulling in SS13?

These hotkeys are meant to be used both in hotkey-mod and regular mode, so remember these and use them often!…

General Hotkeys
End or Control + W Toggles Throwing Mode
Delete Stop Pulling
F12 Toggles the HUD
Tab Enables Hotkey-mode

How do you scream in SS13?

For a list ingame, use the ‘Hotkeys’ command in the command bar….Emotes.

CTRL + A *salute
CTRL + N *nod
CTRL + Q *wave
CTRL + R *flip
CTRL + S *scream

How do you unbuckle yourself in Space Station 13?

How do I unbuckle them? Drag their sprite onto the chair sprite. This will buckle them in. You can unbuckle them by clicking on the chair, or they can do so themselves.