How do I set up audio on Traktor?

How do I set up audio on Traktor?

Setting up your Audio Interface in TRAKTOR DJ

  1. Connect your compatible NI audio interface to your iOS device.
  2. Launch TRAKTOR DJ.
  3. Press the gearwheel symbol to access the TRAKTOR DJ Preferences.
  4. Select the Audio Setup menu and check the output channels to be used as Master Outputs and Monitor Outputs.

How do you listen to headphones on Traktor?

Activate the headphones button for the Deck you want to pre-listen in order to engage the signal on your headphones. When MIX is turned all the way to the right (100%) you only hear the audio from the Master Output of TRAKTOR (the music playing on your speakers).

Can you use Traktor with headphones?

If running TRAKTOR for audio playback only (e.g. Playlists in Cruise Mode), TRAKTOR users can still connect wirelessly with Bluetooth speakers / headphones. This is practical only when real-time control of the TRAKTOR software such as pre-listening, or track cueing with a TRAKTOR controller is not required.

What is output routing Traktor?

The Output Routing tab is where you can configure the signal path from Traktor to your audio interface. Before configuring your Output Routing, you have to select what Mixing Mode you want to use. If you’re using an External DJ Mixer (such as a DJM 900) you would choose External Mixing Mode.

How do I play music on Traktor?

Click the Track Collection button and scroll down to click Import Music from Folders then those Spotify songs will be added into Traktor DJ. Except for the above case, you can simply drag and drop the tracks or folders to your main collection. Then you can upload Spotify music into Traktor DJ for Djing.

How do I set up audio output in Traktor Pro 3?

Launch TRAKTOR PRO 3 > Preferences. In the Audio Setup tab, select S4 + SF as an Audio Device. Additionally, a Sample Rate of 48000 is recommended for synchronizing visuals in OBS, whether it is a video feed from a webcam or CGI. Go to the Output Routing tab and select the output device that you created in step 4 as Output Record.

Where can I find a MIDI setting file for Traktor Pro 2?

CASIO provides a MIDI setting file for the Native Instruments “TRAKTOR PRO 2” Dj software and “TRAKTOR PRO 2” can be controlled from XW-DJ1 by importing this MIDI setting file. Select “Import” on the bottom left of screen.

Can I use two audio interfaces with Traktor?

Therefore, we recommend using a single audio interface which offers all the inputs and outputs you need for playback, monitoring and recording. Nevertheless, there is a workaround that will allow you to use the inputs and / or outputs of two different audio interfaces within TRAKTOR.

How do I create a new aggregated device in Traktor?

Creating a new Aggregated Device: As TRAKTOR can only output audio to a single audio device, the virtual audio cable has to be “aggregated” with your DJ audio interface into a new single audio interface with all inputs and outputs. Start the Audio MIDI Setup from Applications > Utilities .