How do I return Victoria Beckham?

How do I return Victoria Beckham?


  1. If you have a Victoria Beckham account, make sure you’re signed in and select ‘Return Your Order’ in your Order History.
  2. Enter your order number and your email address.
  3. Follow the instructions provided in the Returns Portal.

What is Victoria Beckham business name?

Victoria Beckham Holdings Limited, which owns her fashion business, did report a £2.5million rise in sales to £38.3m in 2019.

Where is Victoria Beckham now?

Victoria has reinvented herself as a fashion designer and style icon and made her London Fashion Week debut in September 2018. She has been married to England footballer David Beckham since 1999, and the couple have four children together – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

Who owns Victoria Beckham beauty?

Sarah Creal
Sarah Creal, Co-founder and CEO Now, in partnership with Beckham for Victoria Beckham Beauty, Creal has created her own female-founded brand built on the two principles she most cares about: clean beauty and luxury experience.

What does Victoria Beckham use on her face?

Next I wash my face with a super delicate exfoliator. I’m a longtime fan of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Enzyme Cleanser. It’s delicate enough to use daily; with the powder formula, a little goes a long way.

Does Victoria Beckham’s fashion label make money?

The ex-Spice Girl’s luxury brand made a loss of £8.6million in 2020. That followed a loss of £16.8million in the previous 12 months. It has never turned a profit since it first filed figures for 2016, with losses now totalling £56.7million.

Why did Beckham retire?

And it was over two legs against Barcelona in the 2012-13 Champions League that Beckham realised it was time to hang up the boots, thanks to a certain Mr Messi. Beckham once revealed: “I probably decided to retire when Messi was running past me.”

How did David and Victoria Beckham meet?

1997: Victoria and David met for the first time. The two first crossed paths in the Manchester United players’ lounge in early 1997. At the time, Victoria was better known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls and David was on the brink of global stardom for his impressive European soccer career.

Why is Victoria Beckham thin?

After giving birth to Brooklyn in 1999, Victoria lost a lot of weight and denied claims she was suffering from an eating disorder. And over the past few years she has really got into exercise, which has helped her figure get leaner and more toned.