How do I reset my Book World Edition?

How do I reset my Book World Edition?

You can try resetting the unit using the physical button on the back of the unit. You can do a 4 seconds reset and this will reset the passwords on the unit back to factory defaults.

What is WD My Book Live?

WD’s My Book Live home network drive allows you to consolidate your media in one central location for everyone on your wired or wireless network to access and enjoy. Automatically back up your PC and Mac computers to one safe place and stream your media to your entertainment center.

Is the WD MyBook an SSD?

That’s about a half of what you might expect from a SATA SSD externally connected via USB 3.0, and about a fifth of the best NVMe SSD external drives connected via USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports.

Is WD MyBook HDD or SSD?

Trusted and Loved High-Capacity Desktop Hard Drive Compact outside. Powerful inside. Store massive amounts of photos, videos, music, and documents with My Book desktop storage.

What is the difference between WD My Book and My Passport?

Since My Book is a desktop storage device, it can be higher capacity, bulkier, and heavier. It also has different connectivity, using an adapter and a longer cable….2. Differences.

My Passport My Book
Hardware Encryption Yes Yes
Software WD Backup and WD Security software WD Backup and WD Security software

How fast is the my Book World edition?

The My Book World Edition finished our CNET Labs’ test with 120. 1Mbps on the write test and 206Mbps on the read test. These impressive scores are comparable to those of some USB 2. 0 external hard drives.

Is the Western Digital my book World edition worth the cost?

If you’re a novice user looking for a plug-and-play network storage device, the $230 (for the 1TB version, $450 for 2TB) Western Digital My Book World Edition is a sound buy. It has much improved performance over Western Digital’s last edition and is significantly faster than almost all the NAS severs we’ve yet reviewed.

Is my book World Edition a good router?

Performance What it lacks in features, the My Book World Edition more than makes up in performance. It’s the second fastest router we’ve tested, trouncing every other router we’ve reviewed, and trails only behind our current champion, the Synology DS209+.

How do I share content from my book World edition?

The My Book World Edition’s default share folder, called “public,” contains three subfolders to share particular types of content including: Shared Music, Shared Videos, and Shared Pictures. When you put appropriate content in each of these folders, the content will be automatically made available to other network devices.