How do I fix an undetected hard drive in BIOS?

How do I fix an undetected hard drive in BIOS?

Unplug the hard drive which fails to be recognized by Windows BIOS, and remove the ATA or SATA cable and its power cable. If the ATA or SATA cable and the power cable are broken, change to a new one. If the cables are covered by dust, clear the dust.

How do I test my SATA hard drive?

Look for the “Interface” option in the specifications. SATA drives generally will be referred to as “SATA,” “S-ATA” or “Serial ATA,” while PATA drives may be referred to as “PATA,” Parallel ATA,” “ATA” or, on older drives, simply as “IDE” or “EIDE.”

How do I fix SATA port not detected?

Quick Fix 1. Connect ATA/SATA Hard Drive with Another Cable Port

  1. Reconnect the hard drive with the data cable port or connect ATA/SATA hard drive to another new data cable in PC;
  2. Connect the hard drive with another desktop/laptop as a second HDD;

Why is my internal hard drive not being detected?

Bad Cable/Bad Connection One of the most unlikely of culprits for an “HDD not detected” error is a problem with the data cable or power cable connecting the drive to your computer (or even the power supply itself).

How do I enable SATA in BIOS?

To Set the System BIOS and Configure Your Disks for Intel SATA or RAID

  1. Power on the system.
  2. Press the F2 key at the Sun logo screen to enter the BIOS Setup menu.
  3. In the BIOS Utility dialog, select Advanced -> IDE Configuration.
  4. In the IDE Configuration menu, select Configure SATA as and press Enter.

How do I check SATA version?

On the left in the device selection panel go to the Motherboard section. The right side of the window will show which SATA ports are available. If 6 Gb / s is written near the port, it means that it is SATA 3 standard. If 3 Gb /s is written near the port, it means that it is SATA 2 standard.

How do I know if I have SATA or PATA?

Method 1: Simply open your cabinet’s side panel. If you see a bulky and very wide cable attaching your hard disk to Motherboard, it is PATA. If you see a compact and lightweight cable connecting your disk, it is SATA hdd. This is a PATA cable.