How do I file for homestead exemption in Cobb County GA?

How do I file for homestead exemption in Cobb County GA?

You may apply for exemptions year-round with the Tax Commissioner’s Office, however your application must be received or postmarked by April 1st to receive the exemption for that tax year. Applications not filed by the deadline constitute a waiver of the exemption for that year.

How much do you save with homestead exemption in Georgia?

Homestead Exemptions

Type Qualification Amount
General Homestead (GH-1) 1981 GA Laws, pg. 1914 Must reside at property $25,000
General Homestead-A (GH-2) 1986 GA Laws, pg. 4,475 Must reside at property and must be 65 or older $10,000

How do I file homestead in Cobb County?

It’s time to apply for Homestead Exemptions! Use our online form to submit your 2022 Homestead Exemption application. Your application must be received by April 1st to be eligible for the current tax year’s exemption. To learn more and apply, visit our Exemptions page.

How do you qualify for homestead exemption in Georgia?

To be eligible for a homestead exemption:

  1. You must have owned the property as of January 1.
  2. The home must be considered your legal residence for all purposes.
  3. You must occupy the home.
  4. You cannot already claim a homestead exemption for another property in Georgia or in any other state.

Can you file homestead exemption online?

Filing for the Homestead Exemption can be done online. Homeowners may claim up to a $50,000 exemption on their primary residence. The first $25,000 of this exemption applies to all taxing authorities.

What is the deadline for filing homestead exemption in Georgia?

April 1st
Homestead Exemptions Applications must be submitted on or before April 1st. Applications received after April 1st will be applied to the following year. The home must be your legal residence for all purposes including the registration of your vehicles and the filing of your Federal and Georgia income tax returns.

What is the property tax in Cobb County GA?

Real property tax is assessed at 40 percent of the fair market value. This value is determined on an annual basis by the Cobb County Tax Assessor’s office; for more information, visit