Advice How do I apply for YG Entertainment?

How do I apply for YG Entertainment?

How do I apply for YG Entertainment?

– Walk-in applicants should bring all documents needed to the audition place. – Download the for first, then send the filled form to [email protected] with your picture. – Applicants under age of 13 should bring Legal Guardian Admission to the audition place.

What app does YG artist use?

YG Entertainment Official Application is an app that lets you keep up with artists under the YG Entertainment music label. With acts like Big Bang, Se7en, 2NE1, and PSY, there is always something happening. YG Entertainment Official Application is a great portal for news, music previews, and videos.

How do I contact YG Entertainment?

YG Entertainment is a company based out of China….YG Entertainment Information.

Phone +82 2-3142-1104
Fax +82 2-3142-0288

How do I join Blackpink group?

Fans who wish to subscribe to Blackpink’s space can do so by filling out necessary information in the Weverse Shop app, according to the group’s agency YG Entertainment. Previously, members of Blink could only join Blackpink’s Weverse community during certain time periods, but now, there are no time restrictions.

Is Weverse a Chinese app?

Weverse (also stylized as WeVerse; Korean: 위버스) is a Korean mobile app and web platform created by South Korean entertainment company Hybe Corporation. The app specializes in hosting multimedia content and artist-to-fan communications for musicians. Its accompanying e-commerce app, Weverse Shop (formerly known as Weply …

How can I be a YG trainee?

There are no age restrictions to apply, but with an average of six years required for training, the sweet spot for auditioning artists is between the ages of 14 and 16. YG usually posts a schedule of yearly auditions but due to COVID-19, the entertainment group is only accepting online applications for now.