Does Zach Roerig have a daughter?

Does Zach Roerig have a daughter?

Personal life. Roerig has a daughter who was born in January 2011.

Is Zach Roerig and Nathalie Kelley still together?

Still going strong. Nathalie Kelley gushed to Us Weekly about her hunky boyfriend, Zach Roerig, and confirmed that they’re still very much together after meeting on set of The Vampire Diaries in 2016.

Who is the mother of Zach Roerigs daughter?

Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerig is locked in a court battle, new documents acquired by TMZ confirm: It turns out that the 28-year-old actor has a two-year-old daughter, and is now fighting for custody with her incarcerated mother, Alanna Turner.

Who is Zach Roerig father?

Daniel RoerigZach Roerig / Father

Why was Alana Turner in jail?

According to Zach, Alanna has been arrested at least three times and is actually incarcerated right now in after she pled guilty in federal court to “various crimes.”

Who is Matthew Davis wife?

Kiley Cascianom. 2018
Leelee Sobieskim. 2008–2009
Matthew Davis/Wife

Did Nathalie Kelley date anyone from Vampire Diaries?

Kelley used to date Zach Roerig, her co-star from The Vampire Diaries. They separated in 2017. Kelley began dating Jordan “Jordy” Burrows in 2018.

Is Nathalie Kelley married?

Jordy BurrowsNathalie Kelley / Spouse (m. 2018)

What was Alana Turner incarcerated for?

conspiracy to commit mail or wire fraud
Six months in jail followed by three years on supervised release for Alanna Turner, who pleaded guilty in July to conspiracy to commit mail or wire fraud. The judge ordered her and her sister to pay $64,421.32 Walmart and $40,936.78 to Target.

Where is Zach Roerig now?

Roerig’s Later Life Since TVD ended in 2017 – a huge disappointment to fans who loved the show so much – Zach Roerig has remained rather busy. He starred in two movies in 2017: “Rings” and “The Year of Spectacular Men”.

Where is Zach Roerig from?

Montpelier, OHZach Roerig / Place of birth