Does Georgetown Law give full ride scholarships?

Does Georgetown Law give full ride scholarships?

The Blume Public Interest Scholars program provides three-year full tuition scholarships and other professional and academic support to selected incoming Georgetown students dedicated to practicing law in the public interest.

How do I get a scholarship to Georgetown Law School?

To be eligible for consideration for a scholarship, applicants must submit a completed LL. M. application, applying on a full-time basis, no later than February 4, 2022. Georgetown Law will select applicants for awards on the basis of their LL.

Is Georgetown Law better than Harvard?

But between the two elite schools, Georgetown appears more often on listings of the most expensive schools in the US than Harvard….Harvard vs. Georgetown: A Quick Comparison.

Yield rate 82% 44%
Retention rate 97% 96%
Graduation rate 97.30% 94.30%
Tuition and fees (2021 to 2022) $51,143 $59,784

Is Georgetown Law too big?

The school saw a 41 percent increase in applicants — for a total of 14,052. Of all law school applicants nationwide, 1 in 5 applied to Georgetown. It is the largest law school in the country with some 2,000 students in juris doctor degree (JD) programs, with Harvard second at some 1,750 JD students.

How difficult is it to get into Georgetown Law?

The acceptance rate for Georgetown has hovered around 20% to 24% over the last few years, making it one of the few institutions with a relatively high acceptance rate compared to other top law schools, such as Yale (9.7%) and Harvard (13%).

Is Georgetown Law expensive?

Its tuition is full-time: $69,280 and part-time: $47,006. The student-faculty ratio is 4.8:1. The Georgetown Law Center is located near the heart of the American federal government in Washington, D.C. In addition to the traditional J.D., the Law Center offers joint degree programs such as the J.D./Ph. D.