Do you need a stinger suit Hamilton Island?

Do you need a stinger suit Hamilton Island?

We will also let you know that if you are entering the water, we recommend wearing a stinger suit and while it is your own personal preference to do so, we do let you know that wearing one will reduce your risk of stings. Suits are $5 to hire from 8.00am-4:45pm at the Beach Sports Hut on Catseye Beach.

Do I need a stinger suit in Airlie Beach?

1) Wear a stinger suit Stinger suits (wetsuits) are provided to each guest, at little or no cost, to minimise any risk of being stung whilst in the Whitsundays waters. It is important to wear your wetsuit during any water-based activities, including swimming, snorkelling, or scuba diving!

Can you hire stinger suits at Airlie Beach?

Hi there you can certainly hire stinger suits from Aqua Dive Hire & Supplies shop at the Abell Point Marina northern end but I would be sure if its an organised sailing trip youre on they’ll have them.

What time of year do you need stinger suits in the Whitsundays?

Stinger season in the Whitsundays runs from late October to May. The warm tropical waters in the Whitsundays and around the Great Barrier Reef are the right conditions for stingers. However, being stung by a jellyfish is an infrequent occurrence.

Where do Stingers go in winter?

Between November and May, ‘boxies’ as they’re affectionately known migrate to Australia’s shallow, murky coastal waters and estuaries. Their travelling companion is the tiny Irukandji, Carukia barnesi, which, while only about the size of a thumbnail, can land an adult in intensive care, or even result in death.

Is a stinger suit the same as a wetsuit?

Stinger suits are full-body suits designed to protect the body from the stings of dangerous jellyfish. They are much lighter than wetsuits, and a perfectly suited to the Great Barrier Reefs tropical waters. The suits have been engineered to prevent jellyfish tentacles from gripping to you.

Are stinger suits wetsuits?

Where do stingers go in winter?

Are there box jellyfish in Exmouth?

“The Australian box jellyfish is found in the tropical oceans around northern Australia. Their habitat extends as far south as Exmouth on the west coast, and Bustard Heads on the east coast (just north of Agnes Waters).