Do you have to ask a question in a tarot card reading?

Do you have to ask a question in a tarot card reading?

2. General questions. Although asking the tarot cards questions about something specific can provide some powerful insight, you don’t necessarily need to ask a question at all, Krans says. You can tell your tarot card reader you want a general reading and see what messages come up.

How do you read tarot reading questions?

General Tarot Card Questions What do I need to know/change right now about myself or this situation? What is the biggest obstacle that stands in my way right now? What lesson do I need to learn to overcome my challenges? What is the biggest influence on my life right now?

Can I ask my tarot cards anything?

You could ask your cards yes or no questions, but you probably want more information than just a simple yes or no answer. So be mindful of how you phrase your tarot questions. The same can be said of asking a “when” question. You may want to ask something like When am I going to find true love?

What should I ask Oracle?

44 powerful questions to ask oracle cards

  • What am I not seeing about my situation right now?
  • What is keeping me from moving forward?
  • How am I getting in my own way?
  • What can I focus on to [get the result I want]?
  • What is my lesson in this situation?
  • What needs to be cleared for me to move forward?

What is the difference between an oracle reading and a tarot reading?

Oracle cards are cards with specific messages meant to be used solo as a daily message for spiritual guidance but can be used in a spread or combination with a Tarot card reading. Deck volume varies, and they can consist of 12 or more cards. Most decks tend to be around 30-44 cards.

What is difference between Tarot and oracle?

While tarot cards each have a specific meaning that’s set no matter the deck, oracle cards are customizable, and are given meaning by whomever is using them—and the energies surrounding that person. If you’re a little confused already (We get it!), think of a tarot deck like a pack of playing cards.