Do I need a double mouthguard for braces?

Do I need a double mouthguard for braces?

Single mouthguards protect the teeth on the player’s upper jaw, while double mouthguards protect the upper and lower jaws. Double mouthguards are often required in high contact sports if the player has braces on their bottom teeth.

Can you use Shock Doctor Gel Max with braces?

Protection for athletes with braces seeking protection for both upper and lower teeth. The Double Braces mouthguard is specifically designed to conform to upper and lower brace brackets for instant comfort and prevention from lacerations….

Brand Shock Doctor
Material Other
Color Trbk/Whfng
Model Name 4300

Are Shock Doctor mouthguards BPA free?

Warm temperature, no-boil fitting. LEGIT – Meets national and high school rules. RECOMMENDED SPORTS – Suitable for most contact sports where a mouth guard is required or recommended including Basketball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Football and more. NO FUNNY BUSINESS – Latex Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free.

Can you wear two mouthguards?

Not only is using two mouthguards not likely to help you, but doing this can actually be more harmful than helpful. First, wearing two mouthguards will feel extremely uncomfortable. You could also worsen your jaw pain and sore jaw if you attempt to use two mouthguards, as it can cause unnecessary strain in your mouth.

Can you get a gum shield for braces?

You can purchase a gumshield from your Total Orthodontics reception that is specifically designed to fit over a fixed brace. Alternatively, a custom-made gumshield can be made to fit over your fixed brace and allow tooth movement to occur.

Can you wear Gel Max mouthguard with braces?

The Gel Max could be used with braces but is not the best for use with braces. Shock Doctor also makes a braces specific mouth guard. The braces mouth guard is made of a softer material so the metal of the braces does not get stuck in it.

Is Shock Doctor for boxing?

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Sports Mouth Guard for Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey, MMA, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Adult & Youth Mouth Guard, Works w/Braces Mouth Guard.