Can police earn medals?

Can police earn medals?

Acts of gallantry in the police service normally now attract the George Cross, George Medal, Queen’s Gallantry Medal or the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery. Over time, many Commonwealth countries have created their own police medals, replacing the issue of the QPM to police in those countries.

What is the highest police medal?

The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor
The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor is the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by public safety officers in the United States, comparable to the military’s Medal of Honor.

How long is a police Long Service medal?

22 Years
Police Long Service Medal | 22 Years Constabulary Service Award.

Can you wear military medals on police uniform?

Authorized medals may be worn on the dress coat. When worn, they shall be affixed in a horizontal line beneath the badge in the same relative position as when worn on the uniform shirt. 637.40 DEPARTMENT RIBBONS.

Can UK police get medals?

There are three medals which can be awarded to those public servants working in the UK’s fire and rescue, police and ambulance services. The medals for police officers and firefighters working in England are administered by the Home Office.