Are Slaves band still together?

Are Slaves band still together?

Slaves will no longer operate under their original band name to shed the racial connotation associated with it. At the beginning of 2019, Slaves announced that they had parted ways with frontman Jonny Craig ahead of their European tour with Escape The Fate.

Are there two bands called Slaves?

Rain City Drive is an American rock band from Sacramento, California, United States, formed in 2014 under the name Slaves….

Rain City Drive
Slaves performing with Michael Swank of Myka, Relocate. 2016
Background information
Also known as Slaves (2014–2021) Rain City (2021)
Origin Sacramento, California, U.S.

Are Slaves UK still together?

Kent rock band Slaves have been forced to cancel their UK tour owing to the serious illness of a family member. The duo – guitarist Laurie Vincent and drummer/singer Isaac Holman – were on their biggest headline tour to date when they were forced to make the decision.

What happened to Slaves the band?

Slaves have renamed their band after first announcing they would change it in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement last year. They now go by Rain City. The rockers said in a statement on Friday (Oct.

What did Slaves change their name to?

Slaves Announce They’re Changing Their Band Name “As individuals, as well as a collective, we hold certain virtues close to our hearts — honest and transparency with our fans being some of the most important,” the message started.

How old is Laurie from Slaves?

The 26-year-old confirmed that Emma Jane, the mother of his three-year-old son Bart and one-year-old daughter Summer, passed away last week after battling cancer. Sharing a photo of Emma on Instagram, Laurie wrote: “My Dolly Legs, you showed me what love means. I will love you forever.

What music genre is Slaves?

RockSlaves / Genre

Who is the new singer for Slaves?

Matt McAndrew
Craig was replaced by Matt McAndrew, who was the runner-up on Season 7 of The Voice. With McAndrew as their new lead singer, Slaves recently announced the new album To Better Days, which arrives on August 7th.

Why did Slaves change their name?

California post-hardcore band Slaves have announced that they are changing their name due to its perceived ties to racism. Taking to Instagram yesterday (June 26), the band released a statement regarding their name change.