Are Glock Apex triggers good?

Are Glock Apex triggers good?

It’s one of the best trigger for the money. It looks amazing with the Glock and the comfort of the flat face is comfortable. It’s a quick and easy install you can find tons of videos online to help you. The trigger pull is so crisp and clean you can …

Is the apex trigger worth it?

Conclusion. The Apex Tactical Hellcat trigger is an excellent addition to the Springfield Hellcat 9mm. It’s affordable and definitely worth the money – I’m glad I’ve got one on my gun, that’s for sure!

Are Apex triggers safe?

Registered. Apex is a well know brand so as long as it is properly installed and tested it should be fine .. Always the element of risk putting aftermarket FCG in a modern pistol .

Is Apex trigger worth it Hellcat?

The Hellcat trumps most micro-compact 9mms in capacity, even with the flush-fitting magazine. The Apex trigger is incredibly smooth, light and consistent. It is designed for safe carry. It maintains factory safety values for on- and off-duty equipment.

What is the factory trigger pull on a Hellcat?

The Hellcat trigger requires about 100-200 rounds of break in to set the springs after installation. I found that after the kit was installed by our local gunsmith Richard Macchia, it took only a few dozen shots to settle in. The pull weight was consistently around 5.1 lbs., right in the range of a good duty/carry gun.

What is Hellcat 9mm trigger pull?

It went from an average pull weight of 5 pounds, 7 ounces, to 4 pounds, 8 ounces, which seems to be the norm. As referenced earlier, the Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat isn’t light, but it is good.

Can I shoot plus P in a Hellcat?

So, there you have it. The Hellcat has proven not only that it can take tens of thousands of rounds of 9mm ammo, but can also handle a solid 10K of powerful +P ammo like that from Underwood Ammo.

Is Apex trigger for Hellcat worth it?

What is Hellcat trigger pull weight?

The Hellcat magazine may give you 13 rounds, but the barrel allows you to put all of them on target. The factory trigger pull weight falls between about 6 pounds and as much as 10 pounds on the Hellcat.