Why did Alonso stop Hamilton?

Why did Alonso stop Hamilton?

Controversy hit the qualifying sessions when Hamilton failed to honor an agreement to let Alonso past on track; this denied Alonso a competitive advantage when setting his lap time. Alonso then retaliated by holding Hamilton up in the pit lane, to in turn deny Hamilton a chance to record a final lap time.

Who was Hamilton’s biggest rival?

The Hamilton–Rosberg rivalry was a Formula One rivalry between British racing driver Lewis Hamilton and German racing driver Nico Rosberg. The rivalry was most prevalent during their four years as team-mates at Mercedes from 2013–2016, a period in which the two drivers dominated the sport.

Can Alonso beat Hamilton?

In the prime of the Spaniard’s career, Hamilton matched him win-for-win, point-for-point in the same car. However, in 2013 (and 2012, as previously mentioned) Alonso beat Hamilton in a slower car. And in both years, it was not close.

Are Lewis and Alonso friends?

Fernando Alonso left F1 in 2018 after a second stint with McLaren. However, he returned to the sport in 2021 and is currently driving for Alpine. He recently said that while he and Lewis aren’t really ‘friends’, they share a very professional relationship.

Why Fernando Alonso left McLaren?

When Alonso left F1 at the end of 2018, after four torrid and disappointing years with McLaren, he said it was not because he couldn’t get a drive at a top team – though in reality, there were no seats at the big teams available – but rather because he wanted to take on bigger challenges outside of Formula 1.

Who is better Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton?

By objective measures like total F1 career poles, wins, podiums and championships, Lewis Hamilton is the better driver: Hamilton has 63 pole positions, 54 wins, 107 podiums and 3 championships. Alonso has 22 pole positions, 32 wins, 97 podiums and 2 championships.