Who puts on Forecastle?

Who puts on Forecastle?

When 29-year old JK McKnight was just reaching drinking age, he set out to create a concert festival that would combine music, art and activism in Louisville, Kentucky.

What year did Forecastle start?

2002Forecastle Festival / First event date
The festival began in 2002 with a small budget, a handful of musicians and a goal of reuniting with the local community. In 2010, Forecastle Founder JK McKnight, launches The Forecastle Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, as the activism arm of the festival.

Who started Forecastle festival?

JK McKnight

Forecastle Festival
Location(s) Louisville Waterfront Park Louisville, Kentucky
Years active 2002–present
Founded by JK McKnight
Website forecastlefest.com

Is Forecastle a camping festival?

Forecastle isn’t really a camping festival. You’ll have to drive in and park to get to the festival every day if you choose to camp. But it’s not impossible.

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