Who owns Grupo Vidanta?

Who owns Grupo Vidanta?

Daniel Chávez Morán
Daniel Chávez Morán (born 1951) is a Mexican real estate developer and the founder of Grupo Vidanta, a real estate consortium which operates over 30 hotels in Latin America. He is also the founder of the Delia Moran Vidanta Foundation and the Vidanta Foundation, two non-profit philanthropic organizations.

How many Vidanta resorts are there?

Vidanta resorts are located in seven locations in Mexico. The luxury level of the units vary according to location. We will list each one and the basic info for each in general order of size.

How do I cancel my Vidanta contract?

How to cancel a Vidanta timeshare

  1. Sell your Vidanta timeshare.
  2. Give away your Vidanta timeshare.
  3. Work directly with Vidanta to get released from your timeshare.
  4. Hire a reputable timeshare exit company to cancel your Vidanta timeshare.
  5. Rescind your Vidanta timeshare contract.
  6. Avoid timeshare resale scams.

What city is the Grand Mayan Resort?

Cancun. The Grand Mayan Riviera Maya resort, spa and golf course is located just north of the city of Playa Del Carmen across the bay from the island of Cozumel and just south of Cancun.

Is Vidanta an American company?

Grupo Vidanta is a Mexican conglomerate involved in design, construction, financing, and operation and maintenance of hotels, resorts, cruises, and associated infrastructure. It also owns and operates the Mar de Cortés International Airport.

How many people work in Vidanta Riviera?

17,000 employees
RESPECT FOR OUR GUESTS We have an internal staff of 17,000 employees who diligently work day and night to deliver the first-rate service experiences that our guests deserve and have come to expect.

When was vidanta Riviera Maya built?

Founded in 1974 with a small hotel in Mazatlán, Grupo Vidanta has steadily expanded to become known across the world as a visionary leader in the development and operation of vacation destinations, luxury hotels, golf courses, real estate, tourism infrastructure, and entertainment.

How can I get out of my timeshare in Mexico?

In Mexico, there is a five business day grace period to cancel a timeshare contract. If you are within the rescission period, hire a Mexican real estate attorney to send a certified letter to the resort requesting a cancellation of the contract.