Who makes Crest pontoon?

Who makes Crest pontoon?

Crest Marine LLC
Crest Marine LLC is a boat manufacturer in Owosso, Michigan which makes Crest Pontoons. The pontoon boats were originally built by Maurell Products, whose owner Maurice Schell ran the company for almost 50 years….Crest Marine.

Type Private
Owner Crest Marine LLC
Number of employees 100+
Website http://www.crestpontoonboats.com

Is crest a good pontoon brand?

Crest Pontoon Boats – a well known successful formula for their DNA of high quality Pontoon Boats. ​Crest Marine, LLC is located in Owosso, Michigan. Well known for their DNA of high quality Pontoon Boats. Judging from their customer reviews it is obvious they have a formula for success that spans 5+ decades.

Where are crest boats made?

Owosso, Michigan
Founded in 1957, Crest is privately owned and operated out of a 150,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located in Owosso, Michigan . With more than 60 years of boat manufacturing experience, Crest has a reputation for innovation and quality, with a growing, loyal network of dealers and customers.

Should you cover a pontoon boat?

A boat cover can prevent your pontoon boat from scratches and dents that can be caused by falling twigs and branches. A cover can also protect your boat from fading, blocking the harsh rays of the sun from your boat’s interior. Keep your pontoon boat bug, pest and bird dropping free.

Who makes Bennington pontoon covers?

Bennington Boat Covers by Carver.

Who owns Avalon pontoon?

Avalon & Tahoe was founded by the Hutchison family as Playbuoy Pontoons in 1973. Originally in Mason, the company relocated to Alma five years later. In 2000, the Wolf family (John and sons Jim, Bill and Andy) and the Sawyer family (Jon Sr. , Jon Jr. and Jason ) pooled their resources to purchase the business.

Do you need to cover your boat when it rains?

Covering the boat protects the boat during rains, but you should make it waterproof tight by using waterproof covers to protect it from rains. However, the rainwater will not sink the boat, but in heavy rains, there is a possibility.