Who is the registrar for University of Washington?

Who is the registrar for University of Washington?

Helen B. Garrett
In the spirit of that duty, here is a list of those who’ve held the title of University of Washington Registrar: Helen B. Garrett (2016-Present)

How do I register for classes at University of Washington?

If you have questions, call Registration at 206-543-8580. You will register by using your UWNetID and password to access your MyUW page or using myPlan. From there, register for classes by using the five-digit schedule line number.

How do I mail to the University of Washington?

UW address format

  1. Name, Title (or student)
  2. Department (or Hall) / University of Washington. Building / Room Number. Box 35XXXX.
  3. Street Address (if there is one available. Check the online department’s website or. ask the person you are sending mail to)

How do I register for classes at UW Reddit?

Register via myplan. When you click “register” on myplan, it generates a URL that will automatically add you to classes (provided you don’t need an add code or need to choose how many credits to take for a class).

How do I get an add code for UW?

Add Codes

  1. Departments reserve the right to require entry codes whether the course is so designated in the Time Schedule or not.
  2. Directions on where to obtain an entry code are in the comment section of the Time Schedule listing, either as a comment after the course section or following the title of the course.

Where do I send my mail to UW Madison?

Tips for getting your Mail on Time, and at the Right Place

  • Nearest Post Office. 601 Sawyer Terrace, Madison, WI. For more information, call 800-275-8777 or visit www.usps.com.
  • Mailing address for Eagle Heights. Your Name.
  • Mailing address for University Houses. Your Name.
  • Mailing address for Harvey Street. Your Name.

How do I find my UW SLN?

To register, login to MyUW and select “Register using SLN codes” from the Quick Links menu. Select the Time Schedule link under Registration Resources to view course offerings, course availability, and other registration restrictions. Each course is assigned a five-digit SLN.

What is add code?

Add Permit Codes are issued by the instructor on a space available basis to students who attend the first day of class. Students with an Add Permit Code must add the class in WebAdvisor. Students are responsible to add by the last day to add course.