Who is the newest champion in LoL?

Who is the newest champion in LoL?

Renata Glasc
League of Legends is getting a dark and ominous new champion named Renata Glasc. The Chem Baroness is an Enchanter support who comes from a family of alchemists from Zaun. Riot first teased Renata last week, giving the champion her own website dedicated to her company.

Is there a new League champion coming out?

The next LoL champion is Renata Glasc, The Baronness of Chemistry. She’ll be the second new League champion of Season 12 and will make her PBE debut during Patch 12.3, which is projected to launch January 22nd, 2022.

Is Zeri League or Valorant?

Riot Games’ concurrent announcement of Zeri and Neon joining the rosters of its two major titles – MOBA League of Legends and FPS Valorant – has raised a few eyebrows, as both characters are fairly similar.

Who is Renata Glasc League of Legends?

Instead we have Renata Glasc, the Chem-Baroness. A capitalist who saves the poor of Zaun with one hand while choking the life from them with the other. An evil enchanter who uses powerful chemtech to bend her enemies to her will and “empower” her allies (read: bend them to her will).

Is Renata from arcane?

Was Renata a part of hit League of Legends animated series Arcane? League of Legends’ latest support Renata is from Zaun and uses a purple Chemtech substance. The animated adaptation of League of Legends, Arcane, has some elements with striking similarities to aspects of the newest champion.

Is Renata released?

LoL Renata Glasc Release Date As part of her announcement earlier today, Riot Games confirmed that Renata Glasc will be joining the Rift in patch 12.4. However, she will be added to the games PTR (Public Test Realm) on February 1 (that’s today!).

Are neon and zero sisters?

Listen, we go on the internet. We’ve seen your fan theories and side-by-side comparisons of Neon and Zeri, League’s newest champ. And to officially set the record straight: No, they’re not the same characters, no they’re not related, but they were made in tandem by the League and VALORANT teams.

Are jinx and VI sisters?

You should see my sister!” Many players pointed out how much Jinx had in common with Vi, and in 2017, Greg Street (design director at Riot Games) confirmed that they are indeed sisters. The dynamic between Vi and Jinx became the backbone of “Arcane,” which expanded on their story significantly.