Who is eligible for Mastercard Foundation?

Who is eligible for Mastercard Foundation?

Who is eligible? For an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, candidates must be 29 years old or under at the time they apply. For a graduate (master’s) degree, candidates must be 35 years old or under at the time they apply. In addition, each university has its own eligibility criteria.

What does Mastercard scholarship cover?

Mastercard Foundation Scholars receive a comprehensive scholarship equivalent to the costs associated with earning a master’s degree, which includes travel, tuition, Berkeley student fees, visa and SEVIS fees, housing, food, living expenses, and cohort signature programs which will focus on leadership and …

How do you win the Foundation Mastercard scholarship?

You must be able to show lack of financial means from family or other sources to pursue your education in your home country or elsewhere. Have demonstrated the will to give back to your community, country, or continent – The program seek well-rounded students who are engaged in activities beyond the classroom.

Does Mastercard have a foundation?

The Mastercard Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. The Foundation’s work is guided by its mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion in developing countries and to support Indigenous youth.

What does it mean to be a Mastercard Scholar?

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) targets academically talented yet economically disadvantaged young people in Africa who will contribute to the transformation of the continent through their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values evidenced by their leadership.

What does Mastercard Foundation cover?

The Program provides financial, social, and academic support to Scholars. Financial support includes, but is not limited to, tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other scholastic materials. The scope of majors and degrees eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program varies from institution to institution.

Is Mastercard Foundation an NGO?

Mastercard Foundation Scholar Turns Passion into a Successful Eco-Advocacy NGO – Mastercard Foundation.

How much is the Mastercard Foundation worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Foundation Mastercard is at least $41.8 Billion dollars as of 15 February 2022. Foundation Mastercard owns over 310,121 units of Mastercard stock worth over $37,731,262,528 and over the last 12 years Foundation sold MA stock worth over $4,023,834,862.

How does the Mastercard scholarship work?

The program allows students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources to complete their education. With a vision that education is a catalyst for social and economic change, the program focuses on developing leaders who are transformative, encouraging them to be active contributors in their communities.

How do I get a Mastercard scholarship at Makerere?

Applicants should obtain and complete the Scholarship Application Forms at no cost from Makerere University, Senate Building Level 4, Room 402, or download the application forms from The MasterCard Foundation Scholars website on http://mcfsp.mak.ac.ug or Visit Makerere University website at www.mak.ac.ug.