Essay Tips Who are the presenters on ITV news?

Who are the presenters on ITV news?

Who are the presenters on ITV news?


  • Faye Barker.
  • Becca Barry.
  • Sally Biddulph.
  • Juliet Bremner.
  • Neil Connery.
  • Martha Fairlie.
  • Sangeeta Kandola.
  • Sejal Karia.

Who is Yasmin Bodalbhai?

Yasmin Bodalbhai – Reporter & Presenter – ITV | LinkedIn.

Who reads the ITV Evening News?

ITV Evening News
Genre News and Current Affairs
Presented by Mary Nightingale
Voices of Gayanne Potter (intro)
Theme music composer Dave Hewson

Who is Sangita Lal?

Northern reporter Sangita Lal reports on stories across the North of England for ITV News. She was previously a reporter for ITV’s West Country covering stories across the South-West of England.

What age is Bob Warman?

75 years (October 11, 1946)Bob Warman / Age

Who are the presenters of ITV News?

Keith Wilkinson – reporter and correspondent for ITV since 1984. Tim Willcox – worked for ITN News for many years as a presenter and correspondent. Jonathan Wills – in late 2007, joined ITV Anglia to present the East edition of Anglia Tonight; in 2009, he became the main presenter of ITV News Anglia.

Who are the news anchors on ITV News border?

Pam Royle – lead news anchor on ITV News Border. Brent Sadler – joined ITN in 1981 as a news reporter, before being promoted to the position of Middle East Correspondent. He left to join CNN in 1991. Annie St John – announcer for HTV West, Tyne Tees and LWT during the 1980s, and later a main presenter on HTV News West.

How do I contact ITV News?

For journalist Press enquiries relating to ITV National News and ITV News (London) For ITV News footage requests, please email [email protected] or call 020 7430 4668 For ITV regional news queries, please contact the newsrooms listed below: .

Who are the former ITN journalists on Five News?

Mark Webster – former ITN Moscow Correspondent, Business Editor, Political Correspondent and Industrial Correspondent; joined five news in 2004 (when the programme was produced by Sky News ). Romilly Weeks – employed by ITN to cover events worldwide for ITV News.