What song does show me what you got sample?

What song does show me what you got sample?

The song samples “Show ‘Em Whatcha Got” by Public Enemy. The saxophone loop heard prominently throughout the track is sampled from “Darkest Light” by the Lafayette Afro Rock Band and from Johnny Pate’s “Shaft In Africa”.

What did Jay-Z lie about?

E! News confirms rapper’s 1969 birthday from public records Has Jay Z been lying about his age? That’s what one New York City DJ is claiming about Beyoncé’s hubby.

What was Jay-Z first number one song?

In 2009, he brought home his first No. 1 as a lead artist, with “Empire State of Mind,” a duet with Alicia Keys.

Who sampled darkest light Lafayette?

Samples of Darkest Light by Lafayette Afro Rock Band

  • Show Me What You Got by Jay-Z (2006)
  • Rump Shaker by Wreckx-N-Effect feat.
  • Back to the Hotel by N2Deep (1992)
  • Show ‘Em Whatcha Got by Public Enemy (1988)
  • Slow Down by VanJess (2020)
  • Friday by Ice Cube (1995)
  • Back Against Da Wall by Three 6 Mafia (1995)

What song does Rump Shaker sample?

Darkest Light
Composition. “Rump Shaker” is built on a saxophone sample from the 1972 song “Darkest Light” by Lafayette Afro Rock Band and a drum sample from “Midnight Theme” by Manzel. Other samples include “Scratchin'” by the Magic Disco Machine and “Blues and Pants” by James Brown (the vocal “come on!”).

What Donda songs have Jay-Z?

The Donda tracklist with features, including DaBaby’s track, can be seen below.

  • “Donda Chant” (feat.
  • “Jail” (Francis & the Lights, Jay-Z)
  • “God Breathed” (Vory)
  • “Off the Grid” (Playboi Carti, Fivio Foreign)
  • “Hurricane” (Lil Baby, The Weeknd)
  • “Praise God” (Baby Keem, Travis Scott)
  • “Jonah” (Lil Durk, Vory)

Is Jay-Z on Donda 2?

Donda, which arrived in August, featured more than 30 musicians. In addition to disgraced rocker Manson, DaBaby, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Lil Durk, Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, and many more made appearances.

How much actual cash does Jay Z have?

Though he has no shortage of investments and other tangible valuables, he also has more than $220 million worth of cash and other liquid investments.

What is Jay Z real age?

52 years (December 4, 1969)Jay-Z / Age