What is VMR Pexip?

What is VMR Pexip?

A Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is a virtual meeting space that is always available to hold a Pexip Infinity conference. It can host any number of people from any type of device. Each VMR has one or more aliases associated with it, and participants access the conference by dialing one of these aliases.

Does Pexip work with Zoom?

Works with the broadest range of meeting solutions One-Touch Join makes it simple to join any scheduled professional meeting, including meetings on Pexip, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco/WebEx, BlueJeans, Zoom, and more.

Is Pexip free?

At Pexip, we provide video conferencing as it should be: easy, secure and scalable. You can now experience Pexip with a 30-day free trial. With Pexip you will be able to: Bring Meetings to life: Bring people and teams together with a single, AI-powered video meeting platform.

What is Pexip used for?

Pexip is the video communications platform that solves the needs of large organizations. Simplify collaboration. Secure meetings. Customize connections.

How does VMR work?

VMR provides a video and audio bridge in the cloud. With a personal dial-in number, your people can now connect with each other and external parties that use our cloud video conferencing services. It’s an easy way to extend video collaboration to a wider business community of partners and customers.

What is VMR number?

A VMR is much the same as physical meeting room. Instead of having a physical location, it has a virtual address or VMR number. • Each VMR has a unique number, like a phone number. It is 7 digits beginning with a “4”.

Is Pexip better than zoom?

Pexip vs Zoom: The Verdict The company’s approach to enterprise-grade compliance and high quality meetings is amazing. On the other hand, Zoom could be a leading choice if you want a convenient way to add video calling and chat to your tech stack without a lot of extra investment.

Who uses Pexip?

We have data on 305 companies that use Pexip. The companies using Pexip are most often found in United States and in the Computer Software industry….Who uses Pexip?

Company The University of Texas at Austin
Country United States
Revenue >1000M
Company Size >10000

How do you use Pexip Infinity connect?

Using the Infinity Connect mobile clients. All you need to do to make a call into a Pexip Infinity environment using the Infinity Connect mobile client is install it, enter your name, and then enter the alias of the person or conference you want to call.

Is Pexip any good?

Critical Review Pexip provides a great unique platform for intuitive video conferencing experience and help with great audio and video quality in meetings.

What does VMR stand for?


Acronym Definition
VMR Virtual Meeting Room (conferencing)
VMR Video Mixing Renderer
VMR Video Mail Retrieval
VMR Voltage Monitoring Relay (electricity)

How do I connect my phone to VMR?

Open the Pexip mobile app, select the VMR you want to join and you see a menu for different ways to dial in. Choose Audio call (Dial-in) to join via PSTN. This initiates the call to the default dial-in number using the regular phone app on your smartphone.