What is the true story behind SpongeBob?

What is the true story behind SpongeBob?

Hillenburg explained that SpongeBob was inspired by Laurel, who was the “innocent” of the pair, and to keep the show about him in the first four seasons, the central theme was innocence, stating that SpongeBob is “a complete innocent, not an idiot” – or, at least, that was the essence in the first seasons.

What is SpongeBob a metaphor for?

The character SpongeBob is believed to represent the seven deadly sins: laziness, pride, greed, greed, lust, jealousy and wrath.

Why does SpongeBob wear a tie?

As he drew a sea sponge character, he originally wanted to use the shape of a natural sponge, but later decided that a “squeaky-clean square” would better portray a nerdy personality. An early colored sketch portrayed SpongeBob as wearing a red hat with a green base and a white business shirt with a tie.

What does each SpongeBob character represent?

Each Bikini Bottom character represents one of the seven deadly sins. Chew on this: Patrick is sloth; Squidward is wrath; Mr. Krabs is greed; Plankton is envy (and green); Gary is gluttony; Sandy is pride (I HEART TEXAS); and SpongeBob is lust.

Why does Squidward not wear pants?

Squidward does not wear pants, presumably due to having the previously mentioned four legs, leaving his crotch and rear end open for everyone to see. However, Squidward does wear a brown turtleneck shirt with short sleeves. This covers his skinny, slender figure.

What race is Squidward?

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward Quincy Tentacles
Color Cyan, Turquoise
Nationality Marshallese
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Born October 9th 1977

Where are Squidward’s nostrils?

“I’d rather ride Squidward nose.” It’s called, naturally, “Squidward Nose,” named after the plump, dangling appendage that hangs in the middle of the beloved SpongeBob Squarepants character’s face.