What is the SACT dataset?

What is the SACT dataset?

The SACT dataset collects systemic anti-cancer therapy activity from all NHS England providers. It is a mandatory collection and the world’s first comprehensive database, allowing us to understand treatment patterns and outcomes on a national scale.

What does SACT stand for?

Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT)

Is SACT the same as chemotherapy?

These therapeutic interventions, which are perhaps better described as tumour specific therapies rather than ‘personalized medicine’, along with palliative chemotherapy, are collectively termed SACT.

What is SACT treatment?

The term systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) is now used to describe all types of drugs used to treat cancer. Medical oncologists are trained to appropriately select patients for SACT by careful assessment of tumour stage, biology, comorbidities and functional status.

Why is SACT prepared in pharmacy?

SACT are potentially hazardous substances, which are administered for two purposes: Treating cancers • Managing non-malignant conditions. This policy is intended to maximise safety for both adult patients and practitioners involved in the process of SACT administration.

What does TACS mean?


Acronym Definition
TACS Technology and Communication Systems
TACS Total Access Communication System
TACS Technical Assistance and Consulting Services (various organizations)
TACS Temperature-Aware Computer Systems

What is SACT teacher?

“The state government would designate the guest lecturers, part-time teachers and whole-time teachers of colleges as ‘State Aided College Teachers’ (SACT).

What is anticancer therapy?

Listen to pronunciation. (AN-tee-KAN-ser THAYR-uh-pee) Treatment to stop or prevent cancer. Types of anticancer therapy include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and others.

What are the four main routes of absorption of SACT for staff?

Finally, toxic responses associated with chemical exposures are described according to each organ system. There are four routes by which a substance can enter the body: inhalation, skin (or eye) absorption, ingestion, and injection.

Who can prescribe SACT?

Initiation of SACT An Associate Specialist or post FRCR trainee /Senior Haematology SpR (years 4 or 5) following documented discussion with the named Consultant or deputising Consultant may also prescribe and approve the first cycle of treatment.

Who prepares chemotherapy drugs?

A technician or pharmacist stands in front of a piece of equipment called a Biological Safety Cabinet to make the chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is made inside this cabinet for two reasons. The first reason is to keep the chemotherapy preparation sterile (germ-free).

What is TAC exam?

Test Application Components (TAC) includes all components required to implement the testing tasks in a system. The heart of these testing systems is formed by our high-quality test devices, of which we offer a wide portfolio together with the corresponding adapters.