What is the meaning by steep?

What is the meaning by steep?

1 : lofty, high —used chiefly of a sea. 2 : making a large angle with the plane of the horizon. 3a : mounting or falling precipitously the stairs were very steep. b : being or characterized by a rapid and intensive decline or increase. 4 : extremely or excessively high steep prices.

What is the meaning of steeper in Urdu?

1) steeper Noun. A vessel (usually a pot or vat) used for steeping. ڈبونا ڈبونے والا

What is a steep person?

informal (of a fee, price, demand, etc) unduly high; unreasonable (esp in the phrase that’s a bit steep) informal excessively demanding or ambitiousa steep task.

What is steep example?

An example of steep is a flight of stairs going almost straight up. noun. 1. The definition of steep is having an almost vertical incline. An example of steep is a set of stairs with high steps.

What is steep cooking?

Definition: To allow dry ingredients, such as coffee, tea, or spices, to soak in a liquid until the liquid takes on the flavor of the dry ingredient. Pronunciation: steep.

What does steep hill mean?

adjective. A steep slope rises at a very sharp angle and is difficult to go up.

What is steep gradient?

A steep gradient indicates low evenness as the high ranking species have much higher abundances than the low ranking species.

What do you mean by steeper slope?

What is the opposite steep?

Opposite of so steep as to be almost vertical. easy. gentle. gradual. moderate.

What is the sentence of steep?

Steep sentence example. She screamed again as she tumbled down a steep hill. Down these steep slopes we used to coast. At the end of the hall, a steep set of stairs led to the attic.

Does steep mean boil?

“Steep” essentially means soak We take dry tea leaves, add them to hot water, let them soak, pour out the tea and then drink it. So, when someone says to steep your tea, all you are doing is preparing a cup of tea.

Is it seeped or steeped?

As verbs the difference between seeped and steeped is that seeped is (seep) while steeped is (steep).