What is the long range forecast for Adelaide?

What is the long range forecast for Adelaide?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Day Temperature Weather
Fri Apr 15 75 / 61 °F Morning clouds.
Sat Apr 16 82 / 59 °F Mostly sunny.
Sun Apr 17 74 / 60 °F Overcast.

What is the rainiest month in Adelaide?

June is the wettest month, averaging around 80 mm (3.1 inches), however Adelaide is the driest of all the Australian capitals. Spring sees weather warm up with average temperatures between 11.8 – 22°C (53.2 – 71.6°F).

What is the driest month in Adelaide?

The drier season lasts 7.2 months, from September 29 to May 4. The month with the fewest wet days in Adelaide is February, with an average of 1.7 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

Is this the wettest winter in Adelaide?

Adelaide has had its wettest winter in five years and – with two weeks remaining – is just 15mm shy of breaking into the top 30 rainiest on record. The city’s West Tce station has received 245.4mm of rain since June 1 – almost double the 124.8mm recorded last winter and significantly above the 198.7mm seasonal average.

Is Adelaide a good place to live?

Adelaide is one of the world’s most liveable cities, perfectly positioned just a short drive from some of Australia’s most unique, globally-renowned regions, so whether you choose city, suburban or country life, South Australia offers something for everyone.

What is the average rainfall in Adelaide?

around 520 mm a year
Adelaide’s average rainfall is low–around 520 mm a year. The pattern is for a dry period from November to April, which receives a paltry 160 mm, with a wet season from May to October enjoying more than twice as much rain, about 360 mm.

How many days does it rain in Adelaide?

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Statistics Jan Years
Mean rainfall (mm) 20.1 41
Decile 5 (median) rainfall (mm) 19.6 43
Mean number of days of rain ≥ 1 mm 2.9 43

How much rain has Adelaide had in 2021?

The estimated total rainfall for Adelaide (West Terrace / ngayirdapira) was 505.6 mm, which is 96% of the long-term average of 526.7 mm. The mean daily maximum temperature for Adelaide (West Terrace / ngayirdapira) was 22.1 °C, which is 0.3 °C above the long-term average of 21.8 °C.

How much rain did Adelaide Get in July 2021?

Total rainfall for Adelaide (West Terrace / ngayirdapira) was an estimated 106 mm (this includes an estimated 14 mm on the 22nd and 23rd), which is 161% of the long-term average of 65.9 mm.