What is the House N?

What is the House N?

Located in Oita, Japan, House N was designed by Sou Fujimoto for a couple and their dog. The outermost box encases a semi-private yard and outdoor living area, which features a wooden deck, trees and garden space. The house itself is comprised of three shells of progressive size nested inside one another.

Where is House N?

Oita, Japan
Located in Oita, Japan, House N was constructed in 2008 to accommodate a couple and their pet dog.

Where is House NA located?

“House NA”, Tokyo’s hide-and-go-see-through glass house (House NA 住所) December, 2016 update: House NA is now listed on Google Maps. It is located in the Koenji neighborhood of Tokyo, southwest of JR Koenji Station (map).

When was House NA built?

I recently took advantage of jetlag to do a very early morning visit to Sou Fujimoto’s House NA, completed in 2011.

Why choose an nhouse?

By using architects and designers who have won over 100 international awards, we bring a level of design thought, detail and intelligence that is immediately obvious. And we innovate by using modern methods of construction, new materials, future-proof technologies and ensuring an nHouse can be delivered and assembled in 99% of the UK.

What is it like to live at NN-house?

N-House brings like-minded students together and provides them with a stimulating and supportive environment that serves as a potential testbed for new ideas and initiatives. Some activities that residents can look forward to includes: Sharing and applying their entrepreneurial skills through structured and causal activities.

What is the warranty on the nhouse?

Hand-crafted using quality materials in precision facilities to rigorous standards, every nHouse comes with a 60 year structural warranty. “ It’s really amazing – the nHouse is so similar to what I wanted to design.