What is the difference between ST205 75R15 and ST205 75D15?

What is the difference between ST205 75R15 and ST205 75D15?

The difference between the two tire sizes you mentioned is the construction of the tires. The R in the ST205/75R15 indicates that the tire is a radial. The D in the ST205/75D15 indicates that it is a bias-ply.

How much air does a ST205 75R15 take?

Sizes & Specs

Tire Size LR/PR Operating Inflation
ST205/75R15 C/6 50 psi
ST205/75R15 D/8 65 psi
ST215/75R14 C/6 50 psi
ST215/75R14 D/8 65 psi

Can you replace ST205 75R15 trailer tires with ST225 75R15 tires?

Helpful Expert Reply: As long as you have the necessary wheel well and trailer frame clearance for larger tires, you can certainly upgrade to ST225/75R15 tires on your trailer. The new tire size will have an overall diameter of 28.3 inches and a width of 8.9 inches.

Which is better radial or bias tires?

“Radials offer lower fuel consumption, better traction and flotation and improved cut resistance in the tread area, and run much cooler than bias.” “Radial advantages are pretty much across the board,” agrees Wright. Typically they offer longer tread wear and a smoother ride.

Is R15 same as D15?

The R15 is a Radial tire and the D15 is a Bias Ply tire.

Can I use a 225 75R15 instead of a 205 75R15?

Expert Reply: You should have no problem installing a 225/75R15 on a rim that previously had a 205/75R15, but you should note that 205 is designed to fit 5 to 6-1/2 inch wide rims and the 225 is designed to fit 6 to 7 inch wide rims.

How much weight can a 205 75R15 hold?

Max Load Capacity: 1,820 lbs.

Why radial tires are better?

Are all modern tires radial?

Today, cars use radial tires. While bias-ply cords run diagonally between beads, in a radial tire they’re at 90° angles.