What is PPE in construction terms?

What is PPE in construction terms?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) hazards are addressed in specific standards for the construction industry.

What are the PPE requirements?

Be of safe design and construction for the work to be performed. Be reasonably comfortable when worn under the designated conditions. Fit snugly and not unduly interfere with the movements of the wearer. Be durable.

Is it a legal requirement to wear PPE on a construction site?

Does the law require head protection on construction sites? For the vast majority of cases yes – on almost all construction sites the risks of head injury are such that the law requires head protection to be worn.

Why is PPE important in construction industry?

Accidents are extremely prominent in the construction industry due to the absence or inadequate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE is equipment that protects workers against health or safety risks on the job and reduces employee exposure to hazards.

What are the minimum PPE requirements for site?

The following type of PPE for construction is available –

  • Skin protection (e.g. protective clothing)
  • Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
  • Eye protection (e.g. goggles)
  • Head protection (e.g. safety helmets)
  • Ear protection (e.g. earplugs)
  • Foot protection (e.g. steel toecap boots)
  • Hand and arm protection (e.g. gloves)

Who is responsible for adequate personal protective equipment?

Your employer has a responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace to protect all workers, including providing and maintaining PPE. Make it a habit to wear your PPE, and ensure the workers you supervise wear theirs.

What OSHA standard covers the construction industry?

The pertinent sections are 1910.96 (general industry) and 1926.53 (construction).

What is the minimum PPE to be worn on site?

The Personal Protective Equipment that is required can vary from site to site depending on the hazards that may be present. However, the minimum PPE that labour hire and construction workers are required to wear on all work sites include a hard hat, a high visibility vest, and steel cap work boots.