What is Pathspec?

What is Pathspec?

The pathspec is the mechanism that git uses for limiting the scope of a git command to a subset of the repository. If you have used much git, you have likely used a pathspec whether you know it or not. For example, in the command git add README.md , the pathspec is README.md .

What does git rm — cached do?

The Git rm –cached flag removes a file from the staging area. The files from the working directory will remain intact. This means that you’ll still have a copy of the file locally. The file will be removed from the index tracking your Git project.

What is Committish?

commit-ish (also committish) A commit object or an object that can be recursively dereferenced to a commit object. The following are all commit-ishes: a commit object, a tag object that points to a commit object, a tag object that points to a tag object that points to a commit object, etc.

What is Pathspec Git?

Does git rm delete the file?

By default, the git rm command deletes files both from the Git repository as well as the filesystem. Using the –cached flag, the actual file on disk will not be deleted.

What is a Treeish?

tree-ish (also treeish) A tree object or an object that can be recursively dereferenced to a tree object.

What is tree ish Git?

“Tree-ish” is a term that refers to any identifier (as specified in the Git revisions documentation) that ultimately leads to a (sub)directory tree (Git refers to directories as “trees” and “tree objects”). In the original poster’s case, foo is a directory that he wants to specify.

How do I stash Git?

How to use git stash

  1. Save changes to branch A.
  2. Run git stash .
  3. Check out branch B.
  4. Fix the bug in branch B.
  5. Commit and (optionally) push to remote.
  6. Check out branch A.
  7. Run git stash pop to get your stashed changes back.

How do I remove submodule?

How do I remove a submodule?

  1. Delete the relevant line from the . gitmodules file.
  2. Delete the relevant section from . git/config .
  3. Run git rm –cached path_to_submodule (no trailing slash).
  4. Commit and delete the now untracked submodule files. Stack Overflow reference.

What if the pathspec points to an empty file?

However, we disable the warning if the pathspec points to an existing file, since that means it is not a typo but simply an empty directory. Unfortunately, the file_exists () test was broken for one special case: the pathspec of the project root is just “”.

Why did pathspec’file TXT’not match any files?

Fatal: pathspec ‘file.txt’ did not match any files. What I am doing wrong here? The files don’t exist, so they cannot be added. Make sure the files have been created first. In order to add a file to git it has to exist. git add does not create a file, but tells git to add it to the current branch you are on and track it.

Is pathspec in submodule in Git?

Git decided to create a submodule, which I didn’t like. So I removed directory/.git and ran into Git: fatal: Pathspec is in submodule. I couldn’t find out how to remove the submodule stuff.

What happened to the prefix_pathspec-assertion in Git?

With Git 2.12, you won’t see that prefix_pathspec: Assertion anymore. See commit 2d81c48 (09 Jan 2017) by Stefan Beller ( stefanbeller). Helped-by: Jeff King ( peff), and Junio C Hamano ( gitster).