What is Mondrian schema?

What is Mondrian schema?

A Mondrian schema contains a logical model, consisting of cubes, hierarchies, and members, and a mapping of this model onto a physical model. The logical model consists of the constructs used to write queries in the MDX language: cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, levels, and members.

What are MDX functions?

Numeric Functions

Function Description
Count (Dimension) (MDX) Returns the number of dimensions in a cube.
Count (Hierarchy Levels) (MDX) Returns the number of levels in a dimension or hierarchy.
Count (Set) (MDX) Returns the number of cells in a set.
Count (Tuple) (MDX) Returns the number of dimensions in a tuple.

What is descendants in MDX?

The MDX function, Descendants, is a very versatile and commonly used function that returns the members at, below, or even above a specified level. The first argument of the descendants function is a member or set expression.

What is Mondrian database?

Mondrian is an open source OLAP (online analytical processing) server, written in Java. It supports the MDX (multidimensional expressions) query language and the XML for Analysis and olap4j interface specifications. It reads from SQL and other data sources and aggregates data in a memory cache.

What language does eazyBI use?

eazyBI uses Mondrian OLAP reporting engine and MDX query language implementation. In addition to Mondrian provided MDX functions eazyBI defines additional MDX functions which can be used in calculated member formulas.

How do I install Pentaho Mondrian?

1. Introduction

  1. Install the Java SDK (1.4. 2 or later).
  2. Download the latest binary release mondrian-version. zip from SourceForge, and unzip it.
  3. For the non-embedded distribution, set up the FoodMart dataset, as described in section 2.
  4. Set up and start the web application, as described in section 3 or 4.

How does MDX query work?

MDX queries can have 0, 1, 2 or up to 128 query axes in the SELECT statement. Each axis behaves in exactly the same way, unlike SQL where there are significant differences between how the rows and the columns of a query behave. As with an SQL query, the FROM clause names the source of the data for the MDX query.

What is a cube in eazyBI?

eazyBI stores imported Jira data in a multi-dimensional data cube. Cubes contain fact data that are divided by dimensions and each detailed fact “cell” contains measure values about that fact.