What is Meta Box plugin?

What is Meta Box plugin?

Meta Box is a free Gutenberg and GDPR-compatible WordPress custom fields plugin and framework that makes quick work of customizing a website with—you guessed it—meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress. There are tons of options and extensions to keep you busy or add only what you need.

How do I use meta box in WordPress?

It’s very simple to install Meta Box. You need to access WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and click on Add New button at the top of the page, then enter “Meta Box” into the search box. You continue to click Install and wait for the plugin to be downloaded. After that, the Activate button will appear.

How do I create a custom meta box in WordPress?

Adding Meta Boxes. To create a meta box use the add_meta_box() function and plug its execution to the add_meta_boxes action hook. The following example is adding a meta box to the post edit screen and the wporg_cpt edit screen. add_action( ‘add_meta_boxes’ , ‘wporg_add_custom_box’ );

How do I add a custom meta field to a WordPress plugin?

First, you need to edit the post or page where you want to add the custom field and go to the custom fields meta box. Next, you need to provide a name for your custom field and then enter its value. Click on the Add Custom Field button to save it.

What is a meta box in WordPress?

What Is A Post Meta Box? A post meta box is a draggable box shown on the post editing screen. Its purpose is to allow the user to select or enter information in addition to the main post content. This information should be related to the post in some way.

How do I add a custom meta field in WordPress without plugin?

Step 1: Go to add a new post or edit a post, then click on Screen Options.

  1. The Edit Post screen in WordPress.
  2. Check the box “Custom Fields”
  3. The Custom Fields area.
  4. An example of saving the information about a product in custom fields.
  5. Add extra data into a custom field.
  6. Homepage after adding custom fields.

How do I add multiple meta boxes in WordPress?

Add Multiple Meta Boxes in a Theme

  1. Define a function that’s prefixed with the theme’s name and that is hooked to the `add_meta_boxes` action.
  2. Define a number of functions specifically for creating meta boxes and prefix them with `_`.
  3. Call each of the aforementioned functions in the first function that was written.

How do I add an input box in WordPress?

Adding an Input Box to a Post

  1. Log in to your WordPress administration dashboard.
  2. Click the “HTML” tab at the top right of the main editing pane.
  3. Position the cursor in the post at the location where you want the box to display, starting a new line if necessary.
  4. Click “Publish” or “Update” when you are finished.

How do I add a meta box to a custom post type in WordPress?

To add a meta box to a number of post types screens – post , page and a book custom post type; create an array of the post types, iterate over the array and use add_meta_box() to add the meta box to them.

How do I add custom meta box to custom post type?

Can you add a text box in WordPress?

Text boxes in WordPress can be added with CSS and/or HTML. The simplest way is to install a plugin that has the coding already done. You can also use input text fields using HTML to let website users type on the front-end of your website, just like they’re filling in a form.