What is jaipong dance originated?

What is jaipong dance originated?


Jaipongan Mojang Priangan dance performance
Genre Neo-Traditional
Inventor Gugum Gumbira
Origin Indonesia

What is Javanese dance called?

Several dance forms function as courtship or social dance such as ronggeng, gandrung and tayub, while others are celebratory dances such as reog and kuda lumping. The movement of social dances, such as ronggeng and tayub are more vigorous and often erotic, closely related to Sundanese jaipongan.

What is the purpose of Javanese music?

Javanese music, one of the richest and most distinctive of Asian musical cultures. It was and is of enormous importance in religious, political, and entertainment functions.

What kind of music is Javanese?


Gamelan ensemble
Stylistic origins Music of Indonesia (Java, Sunda and Bali )
Cultural origins Indonesia
Typical instruments Gamelan gong bonang gambang gendèr kemanak kendang kepyak reyong gangsa kenong/kethuk peking saron siter slenthem suling

What are the Javanese instruments?

The Javanese gamelan is an orchestra of 60-plus musical instruments – bronze gongs and metallophones, drums, wooden flute and two-stringed fiddle – which together create a rich, distinctive sound.

What are the five characteristics of Javanese?

The findings show that there are five Javanese characters which are vividly reflected in the novel namely easy to mingle, polite, patient, not self-forcing and timid and shy.

What is the simplest language?

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