What is ingrained dirt called?

What is ingrained dirt called?

The crossword clue Ingrained dirt with 5 letters was last seen on the December 03, 2021….Ingrained Dirt Crossword Clue.

Rank Word Clue
2% INWORN Ingrained

What is the synonym of ingrained?

Some common synonyms of ingrain are imbue, infuse, inoculate, leaven, and suffuse. While all these words mean “to introduce one thing into another so as to affect it throughout,” ingrain, used only in the passive or past participle, suggests the deep implanting of a quality or trait.

What is another word for extremely dirty?

1 grimy, defiled. 3 base, vulgar, low, shabby, groveling. 4 nasty, lascivious, lecherous. 10 rainy, foul, sloppy, disagreeable, nasty.

What is the synonym of the dirt?

What is another word for dirt?

earth soil
turf silt
topsoil humus
marl sand
mud compost

What is body dirt called?

grime. noun. a layer of dirt on skin or on a building: This is typically used to mean ingrained dirt such as you describe, not fresh dirt, and does not easily wash off.

What is a dolt crossword clue?

Stupid person (4)

What is the word for deeply ingrained?

thorough. thoroughgoing. through-and-through. to the core. true.

What is a synonym for deep rooted?

deep-seated, deep, profound, fundamental, basic. well established, established, settled, firm, ingrained, entrenched, unshakeable, irremovable, ineradicable, dyed-in-the-wool, inveterate, built-in, inbuilt, radical, secure. persistent, long-lasting, abiding, lingering.

What is slang for dirty?

filthy , messy , unwashed, soiled, grimy, unclean, stained , spotted , muddy , mucky, grubby, scuzzy, foul , gross (slang), cruddy (slang), unlaundered, scummy, unsanitary, unhygienic, polluted, nasty (informal), slovenly, dusty , undusted, squalid, sloppy , lousy (informal), unsightly, straggly, tarnished, smudged.

What is another word for very big?

Frequently Asked Questions About huge Some common synonyms of huge are colossal, enormous, gigantic, immense, mammoth, and vast. While all these words mean “exceedingly large,” huge commonly suggests an immensity of bulk or amount.

What words describe dirt?

Words used to describe soil and soil quality – thesaurus

  • alluvial. adjective. made of earth and sand left by rivers or floods.
  • boggy. adjective. boggy ground is always very wet and soft.
  • chalky. adjective. containing chalk.
  • heavy. adjective.
  • heavy. adjective.
  • light. adjective.
  • marshy. adjective.
  • peaty. adjective.