What is Esql function?

What is Esql function?

A function is an ESQL construct that calculates a value from a number of given input values. A function usually has input parameters and can, but does not usually have, output parameters. It returns a value calculated by the algorithm described by its statement.

Do while loops Esql?

The WHILE statement repeats the steps specified in DO provided that condition is TRUE. It is your responsibility to ensure that the logic of the program is such that the loop terminates. If condition evaluates to UNKNOWN, the loop terminates immediately. If present, Label gives the statement a name.

How do you declare an array in Esql?


  1. Define the DECLARE statement. Specify a name for the array data type variable.
  2. Include the DECLARE statement within a supported context. This can be within a CREATE PROCEDURE, CREATE FUNCTION, or CREATE TRIGGER statement.
  3. Execute the statement which contains the DECLARE statement.

Do while loops ESQL?

What is cardinality in ESQL?

CARDINALITY returns an integer value giving the number of elements in the list specified by ListExpression. ListExpression is any expression that returns a list. All the following, for example, return a list: A LIST constructor.

Is operator an ESQL?

An ESQL operator is a character or symbol that you can use in expressions to specify relationships between fields or values. ESQL supports the following groups of operators: Comparison operators, to compare one value to another value (for example, “less than”).

How do you break a while loop in Esql?

Look for the “LEAVE Statement” in the ESQL documentation. Regards. LEAVE is for Exit from loop.

How do I convert XML to JSON in IIB?

In the postman go to header tab and change Content-Type to“application/xml”. Then open the body tag and enter any valid XML text which you want to convert to JSON and the application will return you its respective JSON as shown.

What is coalesce in Esql?

COALESCE() Available in: DSQL, ESQL, PSQL. Added in: 1.5. Description: The COALESCE function takes two or more arguments and returns the value of the first non- NULL argument. If all the arguments evaluate to NULL , the result is NULL .

How can I stop my cycle?

The break statement exits a for or while loop completely. To skip the rest of the instructions in the loop and begin the next iteration, use a continue statement. break is not defined outside a for or while loop. To exit a function, use return .